Premièring at at SIGGRAPH 2017, conceived by VR Director DAFFY LONDON (Creator of Avengers VR - Battle for Avengers Tower) HOLO - DOODLE is a unique virtual hangout. Created by SUPERBRIGHT, based on Professor Ken Perlkin’s HOLOJAM developed at NYU. In this experience people get to socialise as playful androgynous pink robots.

These friendly designs - with a hint of anarchy - completely encapsulate our mission to create a truly ‘neutral’ space for people to thrive and express themselves in. As people walk into the space, pre briefed, suited up with a Samsung Gear VRs, and strapped with trackers mapped by the HTC Vive trackers, talking with a robot voice, they assume an entirely new body. Ready to dance, spray paint, play Pictionary and play ball!

We’ve been given a prime location within the SIGGRAPH VR Village. Our space is a 7x7x3m truss square. Like a diamond, it juts out centralised within the village. To obscure the mocap stage within, we’re covering the set in theatrical voile and back-projecting Daffy’s GIFBOX.TV project. Cut into the footage will show the silhouette of the robot VR avatars, as if you were seeing their shadows from within!

Once inside in-game experiences will be simple, nothing to hold or specifically learn, just impromptu games and party activities, people join in the fun as they enter, and by the time they’re through they’re ‘old-skool’ welcoming in the newbies. We feel this encourages social interactions like never before.